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Spiritual Healing is one of the oldest treatments for ill health and is.....


During a private sitting, the medium will not tell fortunes.......


Learn how to develop your own psychic, mediumistic


Welcome to the website of Aberdeen Spiritualist Centre and Healing Sanctuary, whether you are new to our site or regular users, we hope you enjoy browsing through our pages. If you cannot find the information you seek please do not hesitate to call us on Aberdeen 01224 574916.

Firstly, what is a Spiritualist? Put simply this is someone who believes that death is not the final end to our existence.... Read More

A welcome from the president

We have a wide range of books that cover many subjects within  Spiritualism.

Come and browse through books on our Pioneers, History and many other publications.

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Seven principles

The Principles of Spiritualism are open to interpretation by everyone. It is through discussion and philosophy that Spiritualism is advanced and understood’.  

The philosophy of Spiritualism is based on seven fundamental principles. Here you will find our seven principles, as given to one of Spiritualism’s greatest pioneers - Emma Hardinge Britten in 1871

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Morning Services 11:15 Evening services 18:15 All welcome

Workshop with Nick Kyle

Nick has previously delivered spiritual seminars on Robert Burns, the spiritual connections within all living things as well as investigations into spiritual phenomena, so this event could be ideal for you.

25th April

10.30 am - 4.30 pm


For Full details click here

Nick Kyle President of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research (SSPR): and on Facebook

Nick has a life-long interest in the paranormal, prompted by clairsentient impressions since childhood and powerful meditative experiences. A former Depute Head Teacher by occupation, he has led the SSPR since 2007, co-ordinating and carrying out many case investigations and organising vigils in allegedly haunted locations, while maintaining a healthy open-minded scepticism about psychic claims and anomalous experiences. Nonetheless, several gifted mediums have impressed him and he has witnessed some of the most astounding corroborated evidence for the existence of spirit communication. His particular area of interest is in physical mediumship, one of the topics on which he lectures widely. He helped to run the Scottish Paranormal Festival in Stirling last October and he has returned recently from a visit to Peru and Brazil.

Nick Kyle